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Watch Google I/O 2013 Day 2






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Blackberry will announce BBM for Android and IOS this summer!

Thats it guys, Blackberry just announced  that they will launch the BBM for multi-platform.It will be released for Android and IOS as free app this summer.This BBM will only support IOS 6.0 or above and for android the ICS (Android 4.0) is minimum requirement.So BlackBerry’s killer app won’t be exclusive anymore.I know Blackberry guys will disappoint, but hey this can be revolution for BlackBerry too. May be in future Blackberry will get games and apps like android and IOS 😉

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Schemes – Scheduled Networking Android Application


Schemes is a simple tool that allows you to send scheduled messages via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or Email (Gmail only!). Whether you want to send that happy birthday text at midnight (or a minute before midnight if that’s your thing), Tweet about your favourite time of the day, make a Facebook status without your friends on the other side of the world missing it, or send that important business email right on the hour, Schemes will do it for you!
For now, Schemes is still in a free BETA stage.

Download via (Google Play)


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